Michael Meredith
Christopher Devlin
Valerie Blazek
John Halstead
Carmen Fullmer
W.G. Bunch

Principal Crew

Kim Spurlock
Mai Spurlock
David Chan
Gregory Mitnick
David Chan

David Chan has been producing films and documentaries since 2002. Most recently, he completed Second Light at Angkor, a documentary about a Cambodian pediatric hospital, which was screened for President Clinton and Nelson Mandela. His producing experience includes Fish, Natchiliagniaqtuguk Aapagalu and Uta. In addition to film and TV production, David has produced tradeshows (Best of Show - Internet World 1999 and 2000) and commercials for Qpass, a spin-off from Microsoft. Prior to film production, David worked for JPMorganChase’s internal venture capital group and Nomura Securities Mergers and Acquisitions group. David received his BS cum laude in Economics & Finance from NYU and his MBA from MIT.