Michael Meredith
Christopher Devlin
Valerie Blazek
John Halstead
Carmen Fullmer
W.G. Bunch

Principal Crew

Kim Spurlock
Mai Spurlock
David Chan
Gregory Mitnick
Carmen Fullmer

Carmen Fullmer is a native West Virginian. She performs in a range of film, promotion, improvisation, and stage roles. She completed two years of actor's training, sparked by a scholarship for her role in a regional theatre competition. Carmen served as an editor and production staff on freelance projects, public television productions, and documentaries, including Clogging for the New Millennium and The Object: Urim & Thummim. She earned an M.S. degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as B.A. degrees in English Literature and Communication Theory & Research. She has worked for many years as a consultant and analyst, sharing information about the employment rights of people with disabilities. This southpaw writes, reads, and sings when no-one is watching. She has a soft spot for frolicking on the stage of M.T. Pockets Theatre, an “intimate off-off broadway-esque theatre”. Carmen loves riding her bicycle leisurely with friends on the rail-trails of Appalachia.