Michael Meredith
Christopher Devlin
Valerie Blazek
John Halstead
Carmen Fullmer
W.G. Bunch

Principal Crew

Kim Spurlock
Mai Spurlock
David Chan
Gregory Mitnick
Christopher Devlin

I was born on February 11, 1967 in New York City. My parents, John and Eileen, took me to a lot of weekend programs. I also attended pre-school programs. In 1974 I moved to a house in New Jersey, I went to school in Fair Lawn and later graduated from Bridgewater High School.

I presently live in my own apartment. It is beautiful. I work in the Employment Center. I bowl with a group. I also attend a drama club called Spotlighters. We presented a show called "And the Winner Is." Occasionally we take trips to Atlantic City. I also play basketball and take zumba classes. I often work out at a gym called Wings.

I have appeared in a few movies and commercials. Dave's Place was a Hallmark commercial that I made in 2000. In 2007 I starred in Down in Number 5, an NYU film by Kim Spurlock. The film won first place at the NYU Film Festival, and the cast also won the best acting award. It was part of the NDSC Film Festival in Sacramento in 2009. In the summer of 2009, I played the part of Aaron in a film called One Way Road. A student named Romy from the New York Film Academy shot it in New York City.

I enjoy attending the Downs Syndrome Conferences. I have a lot of great friends there.